Apr 23, 2021

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"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you." — David Foster Wallace

Coming Soon: ANAVI Macro Pad 2

ANAVI Macro Pad 2 is an open source, programmable, mini two-key mechanical keyboard/keypad that’s powered by the excellent Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) firmware.

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Coming Soon: ATEK1001

ATEK1001 is an open source, low-cost, software-definable front end preselector for SDRs and wideband receivers. It uses the new ATEK950P6 sub-octave switchable filter bank IC which covers the 485–7700 MHz frequency bands.

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Project Update Roundup

Bunnie & Xobs are hard at work preparing Precursor for production.

Xilinx FPGA Playground workshops led by Adam Taylor are now available.

Here are some… hints? for cracking The Skull CTF board.

Ten64 factory testing is underway. Check out that jig.

In Stock: Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver (AIR-T)

AIR-T is a fully integrated, single-board software-defined radio platform that covers from 300 MHz to 6 GHz and is equipped with a top-notch FPGA and GPU for signal processing and deep learning. Now in stock.

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In Stock: SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4

SmartLED Shield can drive high-quality LED panels with a Teensy 4, fully leveraging the massive A/V capabilities and documentation behind Teensy. It can even mount directly to the back of a panel.

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In Stock: EMIT

EMIT is a flexible and professional-grade environmental monitor for your IoT network. Using an ESP32 board for control and wireless, it has an onboard temperature and humidity sensor, an SPDT relay, a microSD card slot, and more.

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