Jul 02, 2021

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"If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker." — Albert Einstein

Coming Soon: IoTa

iota circuit board

IoTa is an open source, Arduino-compatible CAT-M1 + NB-IoT dev kit based on a popular u-blox SARA-R4 modem and certified for end use.

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Coming Soon: µLab Kiwi

µLab Kiwi is an ESP32-equipped dev board for the Altera MAX10 FPGA that comes with detailed tutorials and open source sample code.

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Ending Soon: Inkplate 6PLUS

Inkplate 6PLUS is a completely open source 6" e-paper touchscreen display with front lighting using recycled screens from Kindle e-readers.

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Ending Soon: IQ Fortiq BLS42

IQ Fortiq BLS42 Modules are high-performance servo motors built to maximize torque and speed while minimizing motor vibration and footprint.

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In Stock: Onion Tau LiDAR Camera

The Onion Tau LiDAR Camera is an affordable, plug-and-play 3D depth camera that outputs in real-time 160 x 60 pixels of depth data and a greyscale image of the scene.

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In Stock: ANAVI Macro Pad 8

ANAVI Macro Pad 8 is an open source, blinky, programmable, mini, eight-key keyboard.

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In Stock: Maxwell

Finally, an open source mesh Wi-Fi system you can control, monitor, hack, and even understand!

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