Oct 14, 2022

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"Everything takes time. Bees have to move very fast to stay still."
David Foster Wallace

New: Ukama

Ukama is open hardware and software for running your own LTE cellular data network.

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New: Espoir

Espoir is an open, ESP32-based PoE+ 802.3af/at development platform.

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Coming Soon: Bee Motion S3

Bee Motion S3 is a compact, open source ESP32-S3 PIR motion sensing board.

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Livestream: OSHWA

Join us on Friday, October 14 at noon Pacific time as we discuss Open Hardware Month with OSHWA.

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Update Roundup

DeepDeck demos featuring VSC.

ChipWhisperer-Husky introduces TraceWhisperer.

ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs will support QMK.

SlimeVR has a new case.

Hackboard 2 completes PTV.

In Stock: Onion Omega2 Dash

Omega2 Dash is a Wi-Fi-enabled Linux computer with a built-in touchscreen.

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In Stock: Somu

Somu is an open source 2FA/FIDO2 security key that fits in your USB Type-A port.

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In Stock: Dreamweaver 4N

Dream Weaver 4N is a four-note, real-time electronic music sequencer.

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