Mar 14, 2023

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"I’m changing the batteries in these remotes. We’re all out of AAAs so I’m gonna whittle down a few of these Ds."
— Homer Simpson

New: ESP 360 Remote

ESP 360 Remote is an ESP32-based IR/RF remote with sensors and easy integration into Home Assistant.

Learn More About ESP 360 Remote

Coming Soon: SmaHoo

SmaHoo is a quiet, open source, ESP32-based, Wi-Fi-enabled AC outlet relay with Home Assistant compatibility.

Learn More About SmaHoo

Coming Soon: Invensom 6UL SoM & SBC

Invensom 6UL is a security-oriented, ARM-based SoM & SBC with support for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity.

Learn More About Invensom 6UL SoM & SBC

Giveaway: CaribouLite RPi HAT

CaribouLite RPi HAT is shipping! To celebrate, Qorvo RF Accelerator is giving away ten units.

Enter to Win a CaribouLite RPi HAT

In Stock: Traverse Ten64

Ten64 targets high-performance networking (wired and wireless) with an eight-core ARM64, mainline Linux support, eight gigabit Ethernet ports, and two 10G SFP+ ports.

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In Stock: Pebble Tracker

Pebble Tracker is a security-forward, battery-operated, multi-sensor, cellular-IoT prototyping platform designed for blockchain-based data logging.

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In Stock: MorphESP 240

MorphESP 240 puts the ESP32-S2 Wi-Fi chipset to full use (bells + whistles).

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Update Roundup

Loko gets even better with feedback.

See a hive of Bee Motion S3s.

ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs get firmware upgrades.

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