Mar 06, 2023

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"When wireless is perfectly applied the earth will be converted into a huge brain."
— Nikola Tesla

New: Riotee

Riotee is a battery-free, capacitor-powered, open source IoT platform that can make use of intermittent power sources like a solar panel.

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New: Loud ESP

Loud ESP is an open source, portable, ESP32-based audio platform with a touchscreen.

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Coming Soon: LimeSDR XTRX

LimeSDR XTRX is an embeddable, high-performance SDR in a Mini PCIe form factor.

Learn More About LimeSDR XTRX

Coming Soon: Wyldcard DevKit

Wyldcards are small plastic cards with e-paper screens that can implement complex, computer-driven game mechanics.

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Coming Soon: X1501 Pico SoM

X1501 Pico SoM is a tiny module with an Ingenic SoC capable of running mainline Linux.

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In Stock: HiFive1 Rev B

HiFive1 Rev B is an open source, RISC-V development platform with wireless connectivity.

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In Stock: Artificial Intelligence Radio - Transceiver (AIR-T)

AIR-T is a fully integrated 300 MHz - 6 GHz single-board SDR platform with a top-notch FPGA and GPU for signal processing and deep learning.

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In Stock: Pixelblaze V3

Pixelblaze V3 is an ESP32-based board for easily controlling and developing patterns for all kinds of LEDs.

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Update Roundup

SOCORAD32 walkie-talkies.

Eduponics Mini v2.0 + Home Assistant.

Knee-deep in DeepDecks.

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