Jun 17, 2024

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Teardown is nigh, get your spy on, and more - the latest and greatest from Crowd Supply

"It’s in the place where I put that thing that time." — Phreak

Teardown 2024 is this weekend!

Teardown 2024 starts this Friday in Portland, Oregon! If you’re in town early, join us Wednesday for Hardware Happy Hour and Thursday for a showing of Hackers on Portland’s largest screen.

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Coming Soon: PwrTool 500

PwrTool 500 is a 500 A, 60 V power shunt and battery monitor for Home Assistant.

Learn More About PwrTool 500

Coming Soon: Porter

Porter is a pocket amp for distraction-free practice with your favorite guitar pedals.

Learn More About Porter

Coming Soon: Omnimo nRF52840

Omnimo nRF52840 is a fully open source IoT dev board compatible with Feather, Qwiic, Pmod, and Home Assistant, and is part of Nordic Community Hub.

Learn More About Omnimo nRF52840

In Stock: ULX3S

ULX3S is a fully open source, compact, and affordable dev board for the Lattice ECP5 FPGA.

Order Your ULX3S

In Stock: Piunora

Piunora is a tiny-but-mighty open-source carrier board for the Raspberry Pi CM4.

Order Your Piunora

In Stock: OpticSpy

OpticSpy is an open source hardware tool designed by Joe Grand for exploring optical data transmissions.

Order Your OpticSpy

In Stock: WiCAN

WiCAN is an ESP32-C3-powered wireless (and wired) hacking tool for cars and CAN buses.

Order Your WiCAN

Calling All Creators

Crowd Supply is your home for original, useful, respectful hardware. We’d love to hear what you are working on.

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Calling All Backers

How are you using Crowd Supply gear? Send us a field report for a bit of fame and fortune.

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Calling Everyone

We’re having a party. You should come.

Join Us June 21-23, 2024 for Teardown

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