Jun 09, 2024

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Biometric monitor watch, RPi CM4 SDR, and more - the latest and greatest from Crowd Supply

"You guys are so unhip it’s a wonder your bums don’t fall off." — Zaphod Beeblebrox

New: LimeNET Micro 2.0 Developer Edition

LimeNET Micro 2.0 Developer Edition is a radio frontend carrier board for LimeSDR XTRX and the Raspberry Pi CM4, and is part of Qorvo RF Accelerator.

Learn More About LimeNET Micro 2.0 Developer Edition

New: HealthyPi Move

HealthyPi Move is a biometric monitor wristwatch, and is part of Nordic Community Hub.

Learn More About HealthyPi Move

New: Conexio Stratus Pro

Conexio Stratus Pro is a battery-powered, global cellular IoT platform that is part of Nordic Community Hub.

Learn More About Conexio Stratus Pro

Coming Soon: ReactLED Panels

ReactLED Panels are modular, interactive LED panels with built-in sensors.

Learn More About ReactLED Panels

Coming Soon: xMASS SDR

xMASS SDR is an 8x8 MIMO transceiver for 4G/5G applications, and is part of AMD FPGA Playground.

Learn More About xMASS SDR

Coming Soon: ODrive Micro

ODrive Micro is a tiny brushless servo motor controller.

Learn More About ODrive Micro

Coming Soon: Nectar Monitor

Nectar Monitor conveniently captures pH, conductivity, and temperature.

Learn More About Nectar Monitor

Ending Soon: Openterface Mini-KVM

Openterface Mini-KVM is a portable, speedy KVM-over-USB way to control a headless device.

Learn More About Openterface Mini-KVM

Teardown 2024: Ultra-Fast E-paper & Ticket Giveaway

AMD is giving away five event passes to Teardown 2024, where AMD FPGA Playground participant Modos will be presenting Making E-Ink Go Fast.

Learn More About Free Passes to Teardown 2024

In Stock: Inkplate 4 TEMPERA

Inkplate 4 TEMPERA is an open, Arduino-compatible, 3.8" e-paper device with plenty of peripherals.

Order Your Inkplate 4 TEMPERA

In Stock: Data Fitness Connector

Data Fitness Connector (DFC) wirelessly connects your Peloton bike to third-party apps, fitness watches, or whatever you want.

Order Your DFC

In Stock: Infinite Noise TRNG

Infinite Noise TRNG is a secure, open hardware true random number generator.

Order Your Infinite Noise TRNG

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