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Mar 05, 2020

Project update 17 of 20

2FA Progress

by Neils N

Two Factor Authentication progress

We will ship initial Signet HC units with support for FIDO2 and U2F, as well as encrypted storage, and Signet password management. We started integrating the open-source FIDO2 implementation from Solokeys a month ago and now all the core functions are working: the device can be initialized and reset as needed, and most importantly can register itself with websites for 2-factor authentication. You can see in the screen capture below of Signet HC registered with one of our google accounts.

Registering Signet HC was as simple as clicking “Add Security Key” from our Google account’s security and privacy settings. With Signet HC registered, Google will not allow a user to login from an unrecognized computer without the device present.

We’re looking forward to testing use cases enabled by the FIDO2 standard that allow the device to be used for purposes beyond standard second factor authentication at a login page. Example uses include password-free login and authorizing sensitive transactions with a device button press.

Manufacturing status

PCB assembly has been going smoothy but is about a week and a half behind schedule. For about three weeks the PCBWay factory was closed due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns and was only partially staffed when it reopened. The boards are fully assembled now, have undergone basic testing and are in-transit to us.

We are expected to receive the boards before 3/9. Then we will perform our own set of tests and if everything looks good you should receive units in a few weeks.

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