Signet High-capacity

An all-in-one encrypted USB flash drive, two-factor authentication token, and password manager

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Sep 06, 2019

Project update 4 of 20

Campaign is Live!

We’ve finally launched our campaign for Signet HC. With Signet HC we’ve created an encrypted flash drive that builds on the original Signet’s password and personal information database features but takes advantage of Signet HC’s more advanced specifications of the Signet HC to provide encrypted mass storage capabilities, two-factor authentication, and asymmetric cryptographic features. This is made possible by Signet HC’s larger internal flash memory, the addition of an eMMC chip, and 216 Mhz Cortex M7 microcontroller with crypographic accelleration.

As with the original Signet it is an open source and open hardware project. We’re looking forward to working with users interested in the source. We’ll be regularly sharing our developments and more in depth views on Signet HC’s security features. We’ve set a modest funding goal and with your help we can make Signet HC possible.

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