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Jan 27, 2020

Project update 15 of 20

Preparing for Assembly

At this point all the parts for final assembly have been received by PCBWay. However, due to a backlog of jobs around the Chinese New Year, Signet HC board assembly has not yet started. Assembly is expected to begin in late January and we may receive 160 boards as early as Feb 10th. In the meantime we will prepare to assemble and ship the final product immediately after we receive the boards

We purchased a used Formlabs Form 2 printer in good condition that we’ve already started to use to print the buttons for Signet HC. We’ve narrowed in on the ideal button size that won’t be too loose but also still be easy to press and will have all the buttons we need printed in a few days. You can see our first batch of buttons below.

We also plan on using our Form 2 printer to create a test jig to quickly flash each board’s firmware and perform some basic tests. After testing, assembly will be a matter of snapping all the parts together, which can be done in matter of seconds.

Software progress

The software is finally stable enough for end-user testing, although the feature set is limited to unencrypted volumes, hidden encrypted volumes, and original Signet features. We have sent out a handful of assembled units for feedback using boards from our short run orders. We had hoped to have developed the more advanced features by now but we encountered some tricky problems with our high-speed USB and SCS mass storage drivers that set us back.

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