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Dec 19, 2019

Project update 14 of 20

Manufacturing and Development Progress

Manufacturing update

We have good and bad news on the manufacturing front:

The good news is that our shipment of 150 more STM32F733 microcontrollers has arrived, giving us all we need to manufacture boards for all of your orders. This part was out of stock at Mouser when the campaign ended and we needed to wait for them to restock.

The bad news is that we discovered a design mistake in the boards that we had manufactured in advance: while revising the schematic for public release we accidentally rotated the activation switch by 90 degrees. This resulted in the switch behaving as if it were always pressed. We have a workaround for the boards in the panel we already had assembled involving desoldering the button and cutting traces on the PCB. To fill the rest of the orders we will order a new set of boards to fix the problem at the design level. We had considered applying the trace-cutting fix to the remaining 80 boards but we will need more than 80 additional boards anyways and we don’t know what our success rate is going to be with the fix we plan on doing to the initial panel.

Software development progress

We moved the Signet HC source code out of our initial STM32Cube IDE environment (an IDE provided by ST), into our GitHub ‘signet-base’ repository. The code is in a "signet-hc" branch for now as it is not complete or stable. You can view and track the sources here

The development process has gone slower than we hoped because the differences between Signet HC and the original Signet prevented much of the original firmware source code from being reused. The migration of the code from the STM32Cube IDE has also required more debugging and testing than we expected.

We think we are in a good position to make rapid progress now. The mass storage interface is working well simultaneously with the Signet client and FIDO2 interfaces. We think we will be able to finally focus mainly on feature development instead of integration and low level debugging.

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