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May 26, 2020

Project update 19 of 20

Signet Migration

by Neils N

Signet to Signet HC data migration

When we launched the Signet HC campaign we promised there would be a way to migrate data from Signet to Signet HC. In the version of the client that shipped with devices (0.9.16) it is possible to migrate your data by exporting to CSV (comma separated values) with Signet connected then importing from CSV with Signet HC connected. However the CSV format generated by the 0.9.16 client can’t be imported to Signet HC without some data loss.

We’ve released a new Signet client ( ) with a CSV format that both contains all data stored on the device and can be read correctly by the client’s CSV importer. If you’ve either started to manually migrate your data or used the flawed CSV format to migrate your data we suggest you reinitialize your device to clear your device database before doing another CSV import with the 0.9.17 client. You can reinitialize from the "Device -> Reinitialize" menu option when your device is locked (i.e. the master password has not been entered yet).

Signet CSV format

The client now stores CSV copies not as individual CSV files but as a ZIP file containing a collection of CSV files; one for each data type stored on the device. The first line in each file defines the field names and the following lines define all of the entries. Using this format gave us a more straightforward way encapsulate all of Signet’s data than a single CSV file could. You can still import individual CSV files created by other programs, but CSV export now always exports to a ZIP file.

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