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KeePass Integration Progress

The Signet client now supports importing from KeePass databases in the release. The release also features a handful of bug fixes and small improvements: the application icon now matches the device logo and the Signet window now centers itself correctly on multi-screen desktops.

KeePass Import

The import process involves selecting a KeePass 2.x database file from File-> Import->KeePass 2.x database, then unlocking it as you would from a KeePass client. Once the database is unlocked, the entries are added into Signet one at a time. This requires a button press for each account imported just as with account creation. A future firmware update may allow a mass import with a button press and hold to speed up the process. The import operation will not touch accounts you have already created on Signet unless they have names that conflict with entries in the KeePass database. For each conflict you can choose to either:

  • Keep both by renaming the account being imported,
  • Overwrite the account in Signet,
  • Skip importing the conflicting account in the KeePass database.

I consider the KeePass import feature to be experimental since I am not a KeePass user and have only tested it on small databases I created for testing. If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please leave a comment on the GitHub issue for KeePass import or send me an email at contact (AT)

Building from Source

I have created a source archive for the latest release so anyone can build the client quickly. The client is built from a single qmake project file located at client/ All you need to build it is a Qt development environment for Qt version 5.0 or greater and libgcrypt for KeePass support.

What’s next?

As per the software development timeline I posted in the initial software releases update, the next tasks are to fill the gaps in the user defined data feature and publish the first binary release of the command line tools. I expect this will be done in January as planned, leaving me on track to finish the mobile client in February.

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A physically secure hardware password and personal information manager you can take with you wherever you go.


Signet 2-pack

Two physically secure hardware password and personal information manager you can take with you wherever you go. You can give one Signet to a friend or keep one as a backup device.


USB Extension Cable

Helps keep your Signet close to your keyboard when the closest USB port is too far away. Can also reduce strain on the device's connector to increase its lifespan. 3'

USB Extension Cable


Micro-USB Host Adapter Cable

Connects your Signet to a micro-USB Android device. 6"


USB-C Host Adapter Cable

Connects your Signet to a USB-C Android device. 9"


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