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Oct 15, 2015

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First Stretch Goal Reached! "Low Speed I/O" TOFE Board Available

Hello backers!

Well you guys have done it, we have reached our first stretch goal and are proud to announce the availability of the "Low Speed I/O" TOFE board! Just to refresh your memory, here is what we said in our stretch goal update:

"While the Numato Opsis board has a massive amount of high speed I/O interfaces, it doesn’t include many features for interfacing with more pedestrian speed devices such as buttons or LEDs. To help solve this problem, we are currently designing the “Low speed I/O” TOFE board."

The board can be added to your order at a discounted price of \$20 USD until the campaign ends (when it will be available for \$25 USD).

The "Low Speed I/O" board has the following confirmed features:

As this board adds Arduino shield compatibility, we are currently investigating ZPUino (PDF user manual) to allow reusing existing Arduino code.

The full schematic and PCB design can be found in the timvideos/HDMI2USB-TOFE-LowSpeedIO repository. We are also in the process of releasing a KiCad template for creating TOFE expansion boards which will be found in the timvideos/HDMI2USB-TOFE-kicad-template repository - we already have people interested in working on both SDI video and VGA expansion boards.

TimVideos & Numato Lab

[1]: Two of the Pmod headers share pins with the Arduino header. This means that when the Arduino compatible pin header is in use only 2 Pmod headers are available.

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