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Sponsorship Possibility and 30-day Extension

We’re extending the Open-V campaign by 30 days in the hope that by then we will have official sign-off on a grant to provide the remaining funds needed to make the Open-V microcontroller a reality. Read on for details and what this means to backers.


We launched the Open-V crowdfunding campaign nearly three months ago, just in time for the 5th RISC-V Workshop. The campaign was originally scheduled to end on January 5, but, encouraged by some significant progress with potential strategic partnerships, we extended the campaign until today, February 20. About four weeks ago, we announced one such partnership with SiFive. We were hoping to announce a few others before today, but the timings of these partnerships simply haven’t aligned with our campaign end date.

Who is Funding the Grant?

We can’t reveal who is considering helping the Open-V project right now. What we can say is that they are an interested, credible partner and that we will make a joint announcement should the grant come through.

How Do You Know the Grant Will Be Awarded?

We don’t - there’s always the chance the grant won’t come through. However, with the help of Crowd Supply, we’ve been working very closely with this organization to develop a proposal to best support the open silicon community. The proposal was recently submitted for final internal review.

Will This Extension Affect the Delivery Schedule?

This extension will not affect the delivery schedule. In fact, we are currently working at full capacity toward the May tapeout with SiFive, as originally scheduled.

What Happens If Funding Doesn’t Come Through?

If the grant doesn’t come through, then the campaign will end and backers will not be charged. Obviously, without an alternative means of funding production, the Open-V project will remain a dream.

Is My Pledge Important?

Yes! The considerable community support Open-V has enjoyed during the campaign is one of the main reasons the organization in question is considering funding the project at all. Every backer and every pledge has contributed to that effort and gotten us to where we are now. While it’s true that if this grant funding comes through it will mean most of the Open-V project will be funded from a single source, it’s also true that the project wouldn’t have happened at all without the support of backers like you.

Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

Please get in touch if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions! We hope you’ll continue supporting the Open-V project, but of course understand if anything about the current situation doesn’t sit well with you. If you’d like to cancel your order, simply contact Crowd Supply with your order number.

We hope to have good news for you soon!

Elkim and the OnChip Team

$44,641 raised

of $400,000 goal

11% Funded Time Expired
Jun 30 2017

Product Choices


Support Open Silicon!

Thanks for your donation! We'll use it to further push the bounds of open silicon and introduce new features.


Chip Pioneer

Receive one of the first-run Open-V chips. You can mount it proudly for display, or use it in your next project. You'll also receive three stickers commemorating the production of the world's first truly open source microcontroller.


Open-V Dev Board

Everything you need to get started developing for the Open-V microcontroller! This fully assembled board includes a microSD card holder, a micro USB receptacle, two user LEDs, three status LEDs, 32 KB EEPROM, a reset button, 1.2 V and 3.3 V regulators, a JTAG header, a 20-pin expansion port, four mounting holes, and, of course, a first-run Open-V chip. The future is now and this dev board gives you a head start.


Dev Board + Five Chips

Use the dev board (see above) to get started and then jump into your own board designs using the five extra Open-V chips in standard QFN-32 packaging.


Dev Board + 15 Chips

Use the dev board (see above) to get started and then jump into your own board designs using the 15 extra Open-V chips in standard QFN-32 packaging.


Early Access Chip-on-Board

You will receive one of limited edition chip-on-board prototypes from the very next multi-project wafer (MPW) run. Get a head start developing your own project, own a piece of history, and support open silicon all at the same time!


Super Early Access Chip-on-Board

This is one of the limited edition prototypes we've been using for testing development. Get a head start developing your own applications on the Open-V, own a piece of history, and support open silicon all at the same time!


Early Access Chip-on-Board + Design Review

In addition to receiving the early access dev board, you will actually have a seat around the table (via video conference) during the design review process. Ever wanted to learn about the inner workings of IC design? Are you already an expert and want to help guide development? Now's your chance!



With over 30 years of cumulative experience in analog, digital, and RF circuit design, the OnChip team aims to contribute to the growth of the open source community by developing open silicon.

Luis Rueda

MSEE, Analog Design

Javier Ardila

BSEE, Mixed Signal Design

Rodrigo Gómez

BSEE, Analog Design

Héctor Gómez

MSEE, Digital Design

Wilmer Ramírez

BSEE, Digital Verification

Andrés Amaya

MSEE, Mixed Signal Design

Rolando Torres

MSEE, Mixed Signal Design

Camilo Rojas

BSEE, Digital Design

Ckristian Durán

MSEE, Digital Design

Élkim Roa

PhD, Mixed Signal Design

OSH Park

Prototype PCB Manufacturer

Taiwan Semiconductor

Integrated Circuit Fabrication

TPT Wire Bonder

Wirebonding provider and Chip on-board support


Probe station and test card provider


MPW provider


Instrumentation provider

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