Hexoshi Milestone 1

by onpon4

A libre free-roaming game inspired by Metroid.

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Names Vote

The nomination phase for two votes has ended, and voting starts now. Please remember that voting is only open to backers who contributed $10 or more to this campaign.

Please send your votes to mailto:onpon4@riseup.net. The deadline for voting is March 18.

What should the planet Hexoshi takes place on be called?

Select your top three choices.

  1. Hexoshi
  2. Niatis
  3. Zu-Ronos
  4. Thadus QHY
  5. None; decide on a later date, without a vote.

What should Anneroy’s full name be?

Select your top three choices.

  1. Anneroy Akushin
  2. Anneroy Shishin
  3. Anneroy Bosehertz
  4. Anneroy Michishin
  5. Anneroy Tankenshin
  6. Anneroy Tashin
  7. Anneroy Ausserhertz
  8. Anneroy Suchenhertz
  9. None; decide on a later date, without a vote.

$1,385 raised

of $1,100 goal

125% Funded!
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Dec 31 2016
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We're The Diligent Circle, a plural system with two active members: Layla (she/her) and Emmy (they/them). Some may know us as "onpon4", which was the username we exclusively used for several years (mainly prior to our transition). More recently, we have taken to primarily using "The Diligent Circle", although the old username still exists on some sites.

Julie Marchant

Lead developer

Luke Bunday


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