Hexoshi Milestone 1

A libre free-roaming game inspired by Metroid.

Apr 04, 2018

Project update 33 of 33

Names Vote Results

Sorry it took me so long to post this update. I have no excuse; I just kept forgetting about it.

Anyway, the results are as follows, with five people voting:

More inconclusive results, in other words. I think I’ll take the name "Thadus QHY", but just keep Anneroy’s name at "Anneroy" for now.

And with that, all the Milestone 1 stuff is finally out of the way. As always, I appreciate everyone’s support in this. I have decided to quit trying to make money from game development (you may notice that my Patreon account has been reverted to patron-only and my Liberapay account has been closed entirely), but Hexoshi development will continue here as before:


And for future announcements, please subscribe to the news feed on Savannah:


Thank you!

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