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by onpon4

A libre free-roaming game inspired by Metroid.

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Voting Results and Progress Update

I must apologize for the late announcement of the voting results. I just so happened to launch a Patreon page at the same time as the voting ended, so I forgot to do so.

On that note, please consider contributing to that Patreon page, which can be found here:


It will not have anything to do with Milestone 1 of Hexoshi, but it supports my other game development efforts, and if I get enough funding through it, I may be able to make the Milestone 2 crowdfunding campaign entirely focused on raising money to commission art. That would make the campaign smaller (and therefore more likely to succeed), and it would also make the way Milestone 2 is developed much more flexible.

In any case, the voting results. I assigned a number of points to each choice based on where people placed them among their preferences: first choice got five points, second choice got four points, and so on, up until the fifth choice, which got one point. The top three choices by this metric were:

  1. Iridia (17 points)
  2. Aoshi (14 points)
  3. Ulu (7 points)

The voter turnout was low (again), but that’s OK. Iridia was one of my favorite options too, so Iridia it is.

But that’s not all; there have also been a ton of new developments since the last progress report last month. These are the most notable developments:

  • Iridia is finished. A temporary ending, a macguffin, has been included in the last accessible room (which will lead to the second major area in Milestone 2).
  • Fixed a defect in map scrolling that caused it to take almost a second with each interval (and it would have gotten even worse later on).
  • Changed Anneroy's ball form to behave a lot more like a ball. This requires an update to xsge_physics, so do remember to update that to version 0.13 or later if you haven't already! Rolling down a slope as a ball now allows you to get a massive speed boost, while rolling up a hill requires a running - or, rather, rolling - start.
  • Added a statistic for the number of enemy types killed. It's pretty meaningless right now, but later on, it will be another useful indicator of progress.
  • Added an animation to show that decompressing failed when it does (due to being in a one-tile-high space).
  • Added a "lax" to decompressing, so if you're close to a 1-tile-wide hole but not quite there, you shift over.
  • Fixed a defect in wall jumping: you jumped a shorter or higher height in an inconsistent way based on when you released the jump button. Variable heights was not supposed to be possible, so it has been removed and the wall jump height has been reduced.
  • It is now possible to compress while running; simply double-tap "down" as you would if you were in the air.
  • Added a warning if you attempt to leave the game when there is unsaved progress.
  • Added a "diagonal aim lock" option, which reverses the function of the "aim diagonal" button.
  • Changed the way game data is saved so that it is more robust. Unfortunately, this was a significant enough change that old saves would crash the game, so any saved files in the old format are automatically deleted.
  • Added some map walls to room 5 and gave it some camera guides to better hide the hidden artifact found in it.
  • Added the Hedgehog Hormone, which briefly causes spikes to grow out of Anneroy's ball form, damaging enemies and protecting Anneroy from damage by contact with enemies (but not protecting from bullets).
  • Fixed a bug in map generation that caused some map objects to be drawn multiple times. The practical effect of this was to prevent artifact indicators from being erased.
  • Added a sound (taken from Minetest) for when stones are broken.
  • Pulled an updated Spanish translation from Jorge.
  • Changed the credits screen to black instead of that purplish color.
  • Changed the way stones generate fragment objects to limit how much this slows down the game. Basically, if the frame rate is low, the number of fragments generated is reduced to prevent it from getting any lower.
  • The E-tank in room 10 has been changed so that it requires a ball jump ability combined with the hedgehog spikes to obtain. Previously I intended for it to be obtained with a wall climbing ability, but I have found the task of implementing wall climbing physics too complex to be worthwhile.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to pause the game with a game controller.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Anneroy to be in a "rolling" state while walking.
  • Switched the spike stone image to make it more visually distinct.
  • Added the Atomic Compressor sprite.
  • Added links to my Patreon page and this CrowdSupply campaign to the title screen.

Milestone 1 is on the horizon, but much more work needs to be done. Stay tuned!

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