Hexoshi Milestone 1

by onpon4

A libre free-roaming game inspired by Metroid.

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Progress Update: Worms and Animations

It probably looks on the outside like Hexoshi is dormant, and I must apologize for that. Regardless of appearances, I am actually busier than I have been in a long time, since I have recently started re-learning Japanese (successfully!) and also started an interesting new side-project called Tangomon. I haven’t been working on Hexoshi much, but that’s because most of the work that’s left is graphical improvements, which not only has Luke been working diligently on, he’s even done extra improvements for free! Those extras consist of a new warp pad, as well as a WIP full make-over of Iridia to give it a more defined identity.

As for actual tasks of Milestone one, the following new images have been finished:

  • Hedgehog Hormone powerup
  • Monkey Boots powerup
  • Anneroy teleport animation
  • Anneroy death animation

Other changes since the last update include:

  • Replaced the "diagonal aim lock" option with a "Metroid-style aiming" option.
  • Changed the map disk near the second warp pad to make it show the whole chamber leading to the Atomic Compressor.
  • Made some layout changes so that it is easier to find the Handheld Map (or, rather, more difficult not to find it).
  • Adjusted Anneroy's handling a bit.
  • Added a "worm" enemy which, when Anneroy gets close to it, pops out of the ground and then pops back in. It is based on an animation on OpenGameArt.org that was pointed out to me. It doesn't quite match the style of Hexoshi, fixing that is now a task being assigned to Luke (as one of the enemies he works on).

By the way, as far as tasks go, I have opened tasks for the next two enemies that will be added to Hexoshi: the primary antagonists, the Mantanoids, and a dog-sized scorpion-like alien which is the mantanoids’ equivalent to a dog. Both of these enemies will be recurring enemies, seen throughout the entire planet Anneroy is exploring at various strength levels. Luke is currently working on the scorpion enemy.

As always, thank you for your support and patience. Milestone 1 will be arriving a little later than I hoped, but it is on the horizon. If you want to continue to support my game development efforts after Milestone 1, or if you want to support my other libre game development efforts, please consider contributing to either my Patreon page or my Liberapay page:



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