SYZYGY Brain-1

An open, modular ARM + FPGA development platform featuring the new SYZYGY standard for high-performance peripherals

Jan 02, 2018

Project update 6 of 11

Brain-1 Schematics and BOMs

In this new-year update, we’re happy to deliver the schematics and BOMs of the Brain-1 and several of the peripherals. These assets have been released on an Aligni site we created specifically for the SYZYGY hardware projects.

The SYZYGY sources can be accessed through the SYZYGY Aligni site. To do this, connect to the SYZYGY Aligni Site and sign in with our public user account:

From here, you will be able to browse through each project and view the schematic and parts list associated with it. The schematics are attached as PDFs to the assembly item in Aligni. We created several favorites to help you find these items. They are visible on the welcome page when you first log in.

All SYZYGY projects are treated as separate items in Aligni. To quickly browse to a specific project, click on the associated item in the "favorite parts" section.

Within each part you can view the list of subparts that make it up (the BOM). The schematic PDF for each part can be found in the attachments tab. All items on the BOM are also Aligni records so you can visit their pages for additional information.

The current set of SYZYGY projects can be found at these links:

Each part BOM consists of a number of parts. These include (with PMOD4 peripheral given as an example):

The BOM for a part can be exported from its associated part list as a CSV for use in other tools.

All parts (assemblies, sub-parts, etc) can be searched using the search button at the top right of the page.

Aligni Navigation

If you’re not already familiar with Aligni, you can read their online documentation to learn a bit about how it’s organized.

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