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Aug 03, 2021

Project update 17 of 20

Current Status, Webshop, and Blog

by Saber Kaygusuz

Hello everyone,

In the last few weeks, we have producted, tested, and packed all VPOs. In addition, we have officially received our NRTL certification and can now finally close this chapter. This certification process dragged on for almost seven months, so the relief is great!

Shipping VPO’s

We have now shipped all EU VPO orders, since we had the legal basis earlier and also have a shorter logistics route in case of any problems. We have also been able to test and improve our packaging in this step. In addition, we are in close contact with all backers to jointly design an even better product than the VPO. We are currently at software version 1.0.3, which contains some new features and bug fixes. To access and learn more about the software releases, visit our GitHub repo.

Webshop open

In addition, we have opened our webshop, where we currently sell the VPO (EU only). We plan to sell accessories there too, but we are currently evaluating what to offer. Worldwide sales of VPO’s will be done through Mouser and CrowdSupply.


In addition to our documentation, we want to provide VPO users with scientific articles, tips and tricks, and explanations of general operations. For this purpose, we have created a blog where we will publish articles about the vapor phase soldering system topics from time to time. A lot of information will be communicated via this channel and will hopefully better support people in the operation of the VPO.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in our company not directly related to the development of the Vapor Phase One. However, the experience and operation of the VPO is in the foreground for us, so you don’t have to worry about your board. To achieve this, takes a mix of different factors, which do not only concern the product directly.

Therefore: Feel free to write us with open and constructive feedback, so we can further develop the VPO together! Just send an email to

Your PCB Arts Team

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