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Jun 15, 2021

Project update 16 of 20

Shipping update, certifications, and new pictures

by Saber Kaygusuz

Hello All,

In the last update, we were close undergoing the new TÜV test required as a result our high voltage problem (a problem we solved by compressing the heating elements). We’re very glad to say we passed all tests - finally!

UL Certification

Once we gained UL certification, we began final assembly although the TÜV, does not not recommended this, because individual parts in the product can still change if they are not properly certified. For example, all plastic parts such as the main input, power cord, fuse holder, etc. must have a fire rating of UL94-V0. In this case, it is not enough that the manufacturer certifies this themselves in a data sheet, there must also be a certification issued by a testing laboratory with a valid certificate.

This definitely makes sense, but we didn’t think of such things during development - another new lesson learned. We are currently in the process of finalizing the final documents, it should be a few days now.

In addition, we also checked in with our manufacturing facility, which is located at our assembly partner, "Assemblify". There we will verify we can manufacture the Vapor Phase One to a consistent quality. This inspection showed a measuring device was missing, but it has since been procured - so everything fits on the manufacturing side as well.

EU Certification

After passing the tests, we able to certify the the Vapor Phase One for CE conformity, which is necessary to sell the device in the EU.


As we don’t have the UL certificate officially yet, but have almost finished the first production of Vapor Phase Ones, we will send the devices to our customers in Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Germany in the next days. The next step will be the worldwide shipping, which should also take place in a few weeks.

GitHub Updated

We have now updated our GitHub repo with the final resources. Feel free to take a look so you can already get a virtual impression of the final product.

Pictures of the production model

We are very happy this journey of certification is now finally almost at an end. And we are also happy to finally be able to make less speculative, more concrete statements about shipping status. Thank you for your patience, the wait will soon be over. Best regards from Germany, Your PCB Arts Team

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