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More Certification News and a New Video

by Saber Kaygusuz

Hello everyone,

We hope you are all doing well. In the last few weeks we have made a lot of phone calls and other preparations for final production. Here’s an update on our recent progress:


Over the last few weeks, we have looked for solutions with our heating engineer to further increase the high voltage resistance, so we can meet the American standard of 1500 V. The heating engineer found a way to further compress the elements and thus managed to increase the high-voltage resistance to 1700 V+. Accordingly, we have set up a new TÜV test. In order to complete things as quickly as possible, on May 20, we will drive the VPO directly to the TÜV and conduct the last test there. After that we will -hopefully- have the approval so we can start with the final assembly of the Vapor Phase Ones on May 25th. The case builder will send us the cases one by one, which we will then directly assemble on a just-in-time basis.

Product Video

We’re grateful that, on the basis of our first video showing the initial prototype VP1, so many of you have put your trust in us by joining the campaign. So much was still uncertain at that point, and we want to thank you for that trust by rewarding you with a much improved and sleeker Vapor Phase soldering system!


Component prices have skyrocketed during this process, so we’ve been able to use this time to greatly improve the quality of the VPO. We also made a video demonstrating everything that goes into manufacturing the Vapor Phase One.

With best regards from Germany,
Your PCB Arts Team

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Vapor Phase One

A fully assembled and tested Vapor Phase One. Includes an SD card, a wall-plug adapter appropriate for your country, a syringe for emptying the Galden, a brush for cleaning, a pair of cotton gloves, and a funnel for filling the water tank. (Does not include Galden.)


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