Vapor Phase One

The industry's most flexible PCB soldering process

Jun 24, 2020

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We Are Live!

by Saber Kaygusuz

It’s Been Quite a Journey

It was almost exactly one year ago that we began developing Vapor Phase One. Our goal was—and remains—to provide a flawless industrial soldering process for smaller engineering offices, start-ups, and makers. We believe that process should require placing your assembly in the machine and pressing a button on a touchscreen. And that’s it. You should not have to fiddle with parameters, worry about thermal masses on your assembly, or replace overheated components.

And so we are thrilled to introduce Vapor Phase One, which combines great overall design with an open hardware philosophy in order to provide a very specific feature set designed to address real-world soldering challenges.

Swing by Our AMA Today!

Please have a look at our campaign page and check out our GitHub repository, then join our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Crowd Supply’s Discord server at 1 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, June 24th. (Here’s an invitation link.)

A huge thank you to everyone who has shown interest or offered encouragement so far. Please consider supporting our campaign!

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