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Funding Goal Change

Hi PiJuice Backers,

In consultation with Crowd Supply, we have been able to work out that the funding goal can be lowered to $10,000 and we will still be able meet all our delivery goals.

We wanted to let backers know of these changes as soon as possible. If you have any questions about these changes or are uncomfortable with this adjustment for any reasons - please get in touch. You can learn more about how you are protected as a Crowd Supply backer here.

We thank all of the backers who have pledged during this campaign. We are committed to delivering everyone the products that they pledged for – on-time and working. Stay tuned for future updates and we appreciate your support!

$12,105 raised

of $10,000 goal

121% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


PiJuice Board

Get a PiJuice Zero or PiJuice HAT board by itself. For you true Pi enthusiasts who already have all of the other gear! Board comes fully assembled and ready to use. Case and battery not included. Delivery duty paid for EU, AU and Switzerland.


Solar Panels

One of the coolest features of PiJuice is the ability to use it 24/7 with the aid of a large battery and a solar panel. We have panels ranging from 6 watts for the occasional user right up to 40 watts for 24/7 operation. And they will also charge your smartphones and other USB devices too. Delivery duty paid for EU, AU and Switzerland.


PiJuice Solar Bundle

This bundle includes your choice of solar panel, your choice of battery, and of course the PiJuice Zero itself. The full package :-) Delivery duty paid for EU, AU and Switzerland.


Pi Supply

Pi Supply started in 2013 with a project to bring a Raspberry Pi Power switch to life. We successfully funded this project on Kickstarter, however that was only the beginning. We subsequently opened a web store at www.pi-supply.com and have begun to fill it with cool things. However some of the cool things we want to fill it with just do not exist yet - which is why we are bringing them to you here! We have lots of ideas for Raspberry Pi add on boards and acessories and we want to bring those to you over the coming months using Kickstarter as a sounding board for these ideas...thanks for your help in support in bringing these ideas to reality. The Pi Supply Switch was our first project, and it is an intelligent power switch for the Raspberry Pi computer, with hard power off/on buttons as well as an auto power supply shutdown function.

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