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May 01, 2017

Project update 5 of 9

R1000AX and R1001 are Off to Production

Hello Everybody, I have a quick update this week:

Thanks For Making It Happen!

I know that’s a little late (we were very busy bringing up R1008), but thank you all very much for supporting JuicyBoard. We got a lot of constructive feedback that added positive features and modifications to the design.

R1000AX And R1001 Are Off To Production

A little over a week ago we submitted R1000AX and R1001 gerbers to our Shenzhen manufacturing partner, we’re expecting production samples in another week. So far so good. We’re planning to submit the order for the rest of the boards on Monday next week. We will keep you posted with manufacturing progress.

R1008 Bring Up Is Complete

That was the main focus in the past 2 weeks, R1008 is bringup is now complete. We have the 1st version of the on-module firmware, with our test setup we were able to measure 2 RTD elements through 2 different channels within 0.2C relative to each other and 0.4C compared to an external temperature sensor. We estimate the absolute temperature measurement accuracy can be +/-0.5C over 0-300C but we have to measure this with a carefully calibrated setup, which is what we will do over the coming weeks. R1008 gerbers will be sent out to manufacturing with the rest of the boards next Monday.

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