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Jun 15, 2020

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PCBs Ready, Parts on the Way, Assembly Delayed

by Goran Mahovlić

Time flies! June has arrived and so have 500 bare ULX3S PCBs at Končar.


ULX3S 4x4 Bare Boards (Front)


ULX3S 4x4 Bare Boards (Rear)

Some Parts Have Arrived; the Rest Are on Their Way

As we’ve all seen, the pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to manufacturing supply chains. All of the parts are on order, but we are still awaiting delivery in Croatia. We are hopeful that everything will arrive soon, but realistically the ULX3S delivery could be still up to two months away.

In the meantime, Intergalaktik (our new company, which is dedicated to ULX3S) received an EU business startup grant for a small pick-and-place machine, which we will use to speed up prototyping in the future.

One more item of good news is that we successfully received our "test shipment" from Crowd Supply. While shipping of course took longer than we expected, we were able to ensure that we will not face unexpected import expenses when shipping to Croatia, which was the main point of this test order. The two parts we ordered as part of this test are now at the Intergalaktik offices, waiting for the rest of the ULX3S parts.

Parts have begun arriving

Stay safe everyone. And thanks again for your support!

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