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Aug 06, 2019

Project update 8 of 12

Documentation and our Final Week

by Dejan Priversek

Documentation is an important part of any project. In this update we will provide some information about where to find it and how to make use of it.

ScopeFun documentation is included with the project sources, which are available in the following repositories on GitLab:

Users interested in the ScopeFun hardware design can download schematics in PDF format from the hardware repository. To open the hardware source files, you will need to install KiCad.

The firmware repository includes firmware sources for the Cypress FX3 USB controller and HDL for the Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA. This is where the low-level hardware functions are set up. Examples include USB endpoints configuration, power supply control, FPGA programming, and ADC clock control.

Instructions for compiling software from sources are available in the software repository, which also includes descriptions of hardware control registers. These registers contain information about hardware settings that can be changed in the ScopeFun software. Information about USB data formatting is provided in the same location. USB data frames sent from the hardware contain header and sample data. Header data includes information about the current hardware configuration and other details, such as the FPGA junction temperature readings.

We believe the resources above will be enough to help you get started using ScopeFun. For additional information, please post a question on our forum or send us an email.

The Campaign

There are only three days left in our campaign, so we’d like to remind everyone that this is all-or-nothing. We need your help to get ScopeFun into production. (Also, if the campaign is successful, ScopeFun will increase in price.) Finally, we want to thank all of our backers and everyone else who has expressed interest, asked questions, and offered suggestions. We very much appreciate the support!

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