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Just 5.5" long, just under a pound, just seconds to deploy. nōmad is security to go.

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Jan 31 2018
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Slender, self-contained, and deployable in seconds, nōmad is the first security system designed with true mobility in mind. Its motion sensor, HD camera, and zero-hassle cellular connectivity protect you, your loved ones, and your valuables - wherever you are.

Add any mix of wireless sensor PoDs to detect motion, vibration, light, and even smoke. PoDs snap onto the system for travel, automatically powering down to maximize battery life. When you’re ready to protect a site, just unstack and place the PoDs at security risk points - nōmad is instantly ready to sound alarms and send text/image/video alerts to your mobile device the moment a sensor is tripped.

Twist. Place. Arm. Secure.

With nōmad, you’re also protected while you’re in transit, making sure that your bags don’t get too far away and sounding an alarm if they do. Just place a BagTag on the handle or inside each bag - nōmad does the rest.



Did we catch you thinking that nōmad is only for the "jet set"? It certainly makes your travels safer and more secure, but as you’ve already seen, we’ve just scratched the surface on all the places it can be used. From the deep woods to cosmopolitan cities across the world, security risks are everywhere - now, so is nōmad.


Meet Carla, a road-warrior who travels to cities across the globe on business. She protects mission critical gear both in-transit and after arriving with nōmad.


Nikki and Dean love camping in beautiful, remote places. The dangers of nighttime wildlife encounters and fire-risk come with the territory. Even "off the grid", they protect themselves and the environment with nōmad.


Clarice and Conner spend their summers sailing the Great Lakes. When in port, vandalism/theft and rough weather damage are real concerns. nōmad protects their investment from both.


Don spends summers up north and winters down south. He’s messed with traditional security services and even tried hauling a home-bound Wi-Fi-based system back and forth. Now he seamlessly protects both ends and every stop in between with nōmad.


AAudio Interface/AmpLinks with high-volume speaker, drives sirens/spoken warnings, allows stand-alone operations, through listen-and-tap interface.
BTouchPad InterfaceLinks with capacitive tough interface, allows stand-alone operations, through listen-and-tap interface.
CLi-poly Rechargeable Battery2500 mAh for extended operation, advanced power management.
DLTE CAT4 Cell Module150 Mbps down / 50 Mbps up, 3G, 2G fallback, multi-carrier support.
ESensor PoDBluetooth LE SoM (Cortex M0), coin cell battery, power on/off contact switch, powers on when next PoD is removed, powers off when next PoD is in place.
FEnd CapProtects sensor element, powers up/down base or last element.
GFull Spectrum Color LEDenhances camera fidelity, adds visual alarm/status.
HMotion Sensor15' range, 100° field of view.
IHD Camera1080p 90 fps video capture capable, enhanced low-light sensitivity, 94° field of view, fixed focus to infinity, 4 MP resolution.
JSystem On ModuleCPU @ 500+ MHz, GPU @ 1080p 30 fps H.264 video capture, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n), Bluetooth classic 4.x, BT low energy, high fidelity audio.
K16 GB Flash StorageApproximately 30 days of high-fidelity video, 365 days of low-fidelity video.
LPower On/Off Contact SwitchPowers on base when PoD is removed, powers off base when PoD is in place.
MUSB Micro-B Power/Data PortCharge from almost any AC adapter, download captured video/still images.


Base Unit And Sensor PoDs

Brings critical security features to any site, even when there is no wireless access to the "outside world"…

When in the presence of cellular or Wi-Fi services, nōmad’s connected features light up.

Smartphone App

Our Smartphone app lets you access nōmad’s most sophisticated features, some linking directly to the base unit, others with our cloud services…

The app will be easy-to-use and run on iOS and Android.

Cloud Services

While it’s the least sexy of the three core components of nōmad, our cloud services provide additional flexibility and value by…


Everybody wants to sell a million of this or a million of that. We’re no different. At nōmad, we believe that the best way to build a product that everyone wants is to begin with a small installed base. These users/partners help us stress test our designs, apps, and connective networks in order to deliver the best possible user experience in the business.

This means nōmad will be limiting the crowdfunding campaign to no more than 2500 units.

This is a large enough number to test our manufacturing plans, optimize our network and data flow algorithms, and harden our systems so they’re ready to scale.

It’s a small enough number that it allows us to manufacture in the good ol’ U-S-of-A. This means our design partners as well as our team can be hands-on for this initial run and can make modifications as they become necessary. It’s also small enough that we will be able to listen to individual feedback and address issues, which will result in the highest level of satisfaction in the mobile security field. We’ll settle for nothing less.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, back us here and WELCOME ABOARD! It’s gonna be a hell of a ride!


In stereotypical fashion, nōmad literally started as drawings over breakfast, first on a napkin and then spilling over onto pages and pages of a yellow legal pad (it was a long meal).

Not so typically, it was hand-built into a working prototype (the MK_I or "mark one") within a month, including a base unit, several sensor PoDs, and basic cloud services.

From there, successive prototypes gathered interest in commercialization. Interest from partners, interest from key vendors, interest from likely users, all of it centered around real, touchable, functional prototypes.

This interest building process has been critical in vetting nōmad’s features and addressing the complexities implicit in the development of any connected device…

Thankfully, we’ve walked these coals before. Our team’s combined product development experience covers most of these disciplines, often deeply.

We also know what we don’t know…which is why we’ve sought out and engaged world-class vendors in these and other disciplines critical to the development of nōmad…

Distill Product Development: Industrial Design

Since the very early days of nōmad, the DistillPD team has brought creativity, passion, extensive experience, and a vast network of skills and services to our table. We ask for good, they deliver great…every time.

Jerry Hayes Creative

Jerry has been a key player in shaping the image of nōmad. In a world awash in video imagery, his team’s professionalism, creativity, and craftsmanship make our message stand out.

MP Consulting: Electronic Design

We sleep well at night knowing that MP Consulting has the wheel on creating the heart of nōmad. Mitul’s innovative team, open approach, and development savvy have already made nōmad better.

SaYes Consulting: Wireless Integration & Certification

The world of celluar connectivity is a difficult road filled with hard choices. SaYes has kept our feet on the path with a clear understanding of where the market is now and where it will be later, both in tech and business.

Crowd Supply: Crowdfunding Platform

This platform, the one you’re visiting right now, is like nothing else in the crowd-funding world. They’ve expertly handled the entire process for us, from education, to campaign strategy, to site construction, to world-class vendor connects. It’s all here.

Flex: Contract Manufacturing

It’s unusual for a giant in any field to take an interest in the "small fry." Flex has embraced the nōmad concept, helped us flesh out commercialization issues, and developed our validation run strategy. With Flex, nōmad is ready to scale.

NGE has lived up to its award-winning IP-services reputation by strengthening our patent filings, deftly handling SIM trademarks, and helping us structure our business. We’ve been impressed with their deep bench of expert services.

Who we Are and How we Think

The Security In Motion team has come together from every discipline of product development to bring nōmad to life…

Gregg Bieser

Gregg is an award-winning inventor specializing in embedded systems. Nōmad is the latest in a series of innovative products he’s created and is bringing to market.

"Few, but ripe."— Gauss

Kevin Kriegel

Kevin has more than 30 years of experience in perimeter security technologies, radar/sonar imaging, remote diagnostics, robotics, and control systems.

"Klaatu barada nikto."— Klaatu

Chris Crosse

Chris brings a long history of product development and entrepreneurship to the team, specializing in communications and strategic planning.

"Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear."— Addair

Britt Beck

Britt is a strong product management professional skilled in corporate innovation, digital strategy, agile, mobile advertising, integrated marketing, advertising, and retail.

"There is no great genius without some touch of madness."— Aristotle

Julie Gierald

Julie is a multi-talented software engineer with strong experience in embedded systems, backend systems, advanced databases, and user interface development.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."— Einstein

Brett Bieser

Brett has been involved in the development of nōmad since day one and tests all Security In Motion technologies for ease to use and coolness.

"A loving heart is the truest wisdom."— Dickens

In the Press

Digital Trends Logo

Digital Trends

"[Nomad] has a few tricks up its sleeve that should appeal to security-conscious users on the move."


"One of the coolest things about the Nomad is that it takes its independence very seriously, not relying on external Wi-Fi or wired networks. That’s made possible by built-in LTE connectivity..."

Hackster News

"nōmad is a modular and portable device that’s designed to provide the features of a permanently installed security system."

Connected Crib

"With cellular connectivity and battery, you can use this camera where others may not be suitable. It is simply travel friendly."

The Ambient

"We came away impressed with the possibilities. The system works as advertised. We were able to witness it quickly and simply getting set up as well as test how sensitive its vibration and motion sensors are (you'll definitely feel safe at night)."

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I Believe

The concept of "security to go" lights you up - you want to be a part of bringing nōmad to life. Many thanks!


Base Unit - Early Bird

The most compact mobile security solution. Includes HD camera, motion detection, Li Poly long-life battery, 16 GB flash storage, AC adapter, six months of data (100 MB / month), and a PoD-ready connector for when you want to add PoDs.

$249 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Base Unit - One & Done

The most compact mobile security solution. Includes HD camera, motion detection, Li Poly long-life battery, 16 GB flash storage, AC adapter, six months of data (100 MB / month), and a PoD-ready connector for when you want to add PoDs.

$319 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Base Unit + PoD

One nōmad Base Unit and one PoD of your choice: enhanced motion coverage, light detection, or vibration detection. Base Unit includes HD camera, motion detection, Li Poly long-life battery, 16 GB flash storage, AC adapter, six months of data (100 MB / month), and a PoD-ready connector.

$349 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

Base + Two PoDs

One nōmad Base Unit and two PoDs of your choice: enhanced motion coverage, light detection, or vibration detection. Base Unit includes HD camera, motion detection, Li Poly long-life battery, 16 GB flash storage, AC adapter, six months of data (100 MB / month), and a PoD-ready connector.

$399 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

$50 gets you $100

Crap, I missed out on the first 2500 available, but I want to be first in line for increased production! Here’s my $50 now and I’ll get a coupon for $100 to be used on any nōmad product once full production gets underway! Sign me up!

$50 $8 US Shipping / Not Available Outside US

About the Team

Security in Motion

Portland, OR

The Security In Motion team has come together from all walks of life and every discipline in product development to bring nōmad to life. We're passionate about innovating the perfect scratch for unique market itches.

Gregg Bieser
Chris Crosse
Julie Gierald
Kevin Kriegel

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