YMFC Flight Controller and Mini Drone

by Shao's Gadget

An open source flight controller and mini drone that can be programmed with Arduino IDE

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[Video] Diving Into the Code

by Zhuyuan S

In this update I demonstrate how I modified the original flight controller and testing firmware from Joop Brooking, and shrank their sizes. Also, I explain how to adapt the code for flying the board as a mini-drone (involving the battery voltage and pwm outputs for Mosfet).

The code and schematics in this video are available on the GitHub repository

In next weeks update I will show you how to assemble the mini-drone, and how to use testing firmware to test various parts. Finally, I will show you how to download the flight controller firmware to make it fly.

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YMFC Flight Controller and Mini Drone Board

A YMFC flight controller and mini drone board.


RX2A Receiver for YMFC

An RX2A receiver to pairs the YMFC Flight Controller with many standard radio controllers. This item is useful if you want to control your drone with a wireless controller.


Shao's Gadget

I am a developer who benefits from the open source world a lot. And want to make my own contribution. My main focus is on SDR and quadcopters, but also interests on robotics and AI.

Zhuyuan Shao

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