YMFC Flight Controller and Mini Drone

A mini drone by itself, or a flight controller for a full size F450 drone. All open source.

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The YMFC Flight Controller and Mini Drone is a PCB board that is also a STM32 quadcopter flight controller programmed with the Arduino IDE. It is perfect as an educational project, and can be used as a hobby or school activity as well as being useful to drone enthusiasts.

This project is based on a famous YouTube tutorial series for the YMFC quadcopter flight controller by Joop Brokking. You can find more information about that project on his YouTube channel and website. This project was undertaken with Joop’s permission.

Enthusiasts of the original YMFC quadcopter flight controller already know that soldering the components on a breadboard take time, up to 2 months or more in our experience. Also, Joop Brokking’s tutorial is based on large quadcopters, which are dangerous to fly for beginners.

With the YMFC Flight Controller and Mini Drone PCB, the soldered components save the user precious time, since you don’t have to create the complex YMFC quadcopter custom hardware from scratch. You are free to focus on the software and algorithms.

Also, this board is perfect for anyone who is interested in understanding flight controller code instead of simply using an off-the-shelf module. The flight controller code for this board is simpler than other common open source flight controller projects. Very little knowledge of math is required. Additionally, we have focused on making flight controller code that will work on a mini drone, which is safer for beginners to learn on then larger drones.

Features & specifications

  • flight controller code: less than 700 lines
  • weight: 20 g (excluding battery, motors, propellers)
  • size: 10 cm x 10 cm
  • features: works both as a mini drone or a flight controller board for F450 (with some small changes in code)

Open source documentation

The PCB design files will be published after the campaign succeeds. Other documentation can be found in the GitHub repo

YMFC flight controller and mini drone demo

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