An open source, Arduino-compatible RISC-V dev kit

Mar 12, 2019

Announcing the Second Generation of HiFive1 and FE310

Today, we're proud to announce another milestone toward open source silicon - we're officially releasing the second generation of both the HiFive1 (called the HiFive1 Rev B) and the FE310 chip on which it's based (called the FE310-G002). Read the full update.

Nov 21, 2018

Sold Out, Refresh on the Way

Thank you everyone for making HiFive1 one of the most successful RISC-V platforms. Read the full update.

Jun 14, 2018

Flashing the LED Demo Program

In the most recent batch of HiFive1 boards, some of them were accidentally shipped without the factory image on them, so we're releasing instructions for re-flashing the HiFive1 to its factory default state. Read the full update.

Sep 19, 2017

FE310 Chips and Improved Documentation are Now Available!

Since we’ve launched this board, we’ve been amazed and impressed by what everybody has done with it. One common question we’ve been getting is where can folks buy the individual chips? Read the full update.

Mar 13, 2017

March Boards Are on Their Way!

The latest batch of boards have just left our manufacturing partner and are on the way to us now! While we had hoped to ship these out by March 10, it looks like we will be a few days late. Read the full update.

Feb 09, 2017

February Batch is Sold Out!

The boards we received from our manufacturing partner are currently undergoing final testing and are going to ship out by February 10th, as promised! Read the full update.

Dec 30, 2016

THANK YOU! Looking Forward to 2017

Thank you so much for making the HiFive1 board a huge success! The passion that all of you have demonstrated for open-source, RISC-V, and us, has brightened our holidays and made us proud to have worked so hard on this project. Read the full update.

Dec 21, 2016

Shipping Has Started!

Happy holidays everybody! Wanted to share the great news that we've started shipping Founder’s Edition and Early Access units! Read the full update.

Dec 15, 2016

Production Progress

The first batch of HiFive1 boards is nearly complete and on schedule for delivery! Here are a video and some pics from the assembly line at Tempo Automation, our assembly partner. Read the full update.

Dec 06, 2016

Thanks and More December Units!

Thank You! We’ve been amazed at the response to our announcement, and want to thank everybody for their support. When we decided to make a Founder’s Edition available for sale in December, we did not anticipate selling out in less than a week! Read the full update.

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