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THANK YOU! Looking Forward to 2017

Thank you so much for making the HiFive1 board a huge success! The passion that all of you have demonstrated for open-source, RISC-V, and us, has brightened our holidays and made us proud to have worked so hard on this project.

Shipping Status

I’m happy to report that all of the Founder’s Edition and Early Access units that have been ordered have been shipped out! Any new orders of the Early Access units will ship within one business day. There are still a few remaining, so grab them quick before you’re forced to wait until February for the next batch.

What’s next?

For those of you with a board, let us know what you’re doing with them! We’re happy to see feedback, bug reports, suggestions for improvements, etc. In fact, there’s a robust community at https://forums.sifive.com/ where people are getting answers to their questions about HiFive1, RISC-V, and the FE310. You can also follow us on Twitter @SiFiveInc for the latest updates and news from SiFive. Tweet us a picture of you and your board and we’ll send you a SiFive t-Shirt! :)

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Product Choices


Five-pack of FE310 Chips

Five FE310 chips to use as you wish. This is the same SiFive Freedom Everywhere 310 chip used on the HiFive1 board.



SiFive was founded by the creators of the free and open RISC-V architecture as a reaction to the end of conventional transistor scaling and escalating chip design costs.

Naveed Sherwani


Yunsup Lee

Co-Founder and CTO

Krste Asanovic

Co-Founder and Chief Architect

Andrew Waterman

Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

Jack Kang

VP of Product and Business Development

Han Chen

Chief Engineer, Implementations and Methodology

Megan Wachs


David Patterson

Technical Advisor

Mark Horowitz

Technical Advisor

Sander Arts


The Rest of the SiFive Team!

Makers and Hackers

HW International Electronics

PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

Tempo Automation

First Batch PCB Assembler



Ongoing Contract Manufacturer

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