An open source, Arduino-compatible RISC-V dev kit

Dec 21, 2016

Project update 3 of 10

Shipping Has Started!

Happy holidays everybody! Wanted to share the great news that we’ve started shipping Founder’s Edition and Early Access units!

Unfortunately, due to some manufacturing yield and shipping logistics hiccups, we weren’t able to get all the units out on December 20 as planned. Rest assured that we are working hard on the issue and should be able to ship out all of the Founder’s Edition and Early Access unit by the end of this week (December 23).

We apologize for the potential delay of a few of days — we really wanted to make this a great Christmas/holiday present for everybody and hope this small glitch remains at only a few days!

Many of you have already received your shipping confirmation email. For those who haven’t, you can expect to get one as soon as your order ships in the next few days.

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