Analog Front-End Module for ECGs

Mar 07, 2017

Project update 5 of 7

Interim Updates

Things are about to become much more busier in the coming week as more parts are expected to come in and module assembly is slated to be finished and delivered to me for individual testing. I just wanted to share with everyone a couple of pictures of things I have so far:

First up we have almost $200 worth of protected DIN connectors needed to interface the breakout board with the electrode leads.

Next, we the laser cut and engraved acrylic covers have arrived from Ponoko.

These don’t look like much with the paper backing but holding one up to the light reveals so much more.

I have also been working on a couple of graphics that will be used in the final packaging of the product as well as a couple of guides (included as well). This is a preliminary version of the label that will be visible on the intended packaging.

Last but not least one cannot have work without at least a little play.

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