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Analog Front-End Module for ECGs

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New Breakout Board Finalized

I would like to introduce the new version of the breakout board that incorporates a couple of improvements brought up by a couple of early testers. This new version will be shipped in place of the old version for all backers and future purchases.

The list of improvements over the first version includes:

  • Overvoltage/Reverse Polarity Protection up to 30v (Can bypass with a jumper link)
  • “Heart Beat” Indicator Functionality
  • Headers have been Changed to Female from Male (Compatible with the ubiquitous male jumper wires used in breadboards)
  • Reinforced Electrode Input Terminals as the Nuts are now Soldered Directly to the Board

The following is a picture of the breakout board being subjected to 30v. The multi-meter on top shows the power supply voltage right at the BES-AFE-1 module (after the protection circuitry) while the bottom power supply shows 30v being applied (before the protection circuitry).

Next is a short video of the breakout board in action showcasing the newly implemented “Heart Beat” functionality.

In regards to the fulfillment process, the modules are set to arrive from the assembler tomorrow and an entire day of testing will be done right after to make sure all modules perform to set specifications.

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BES-AFE-1 Quick Start Kit

This includes one breakout board with a mounted BES-AFE-1 module as well as a set of three electrode cables, and a few electrode pads to get you up and running in as little as a minute.


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We specialize in mixed signal embedded systems and sensors involved in electrophysiology.

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