PoE FeatherWing

Ethernet FeatherWing with 4 W of PoE power and globally unique MAC

Jul 16, 2020

Project update 2 of 7

Ask Me Anything (AMA) this Wednesday on the Crowd Supply Discord

by Patrick V

Wow, time flies! We are already a week into the campaign, and have made good progress! We have reached over half of our campaign goal by the time of writing, with 35 days left to go. Still, too early to cry victory, so we’re working hard on spreading the word, and still appreciate your help in doing so as well.

Crowd Supply was kind enough to invite me to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on their Discord channel next week! So if there was anything you always wanted to ask me about myself, my company, the PoE-FeatherWing or even my other products, now is your chance. :)

To join the AMA, go to the PoE-FeatherWing AMA channel next Wednesday, July 22 at 1 PM PST! (If you do not have a Discord account, please give yourself a little extra time to get your account set up.)

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