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May 30, 2023

Project update 17 of 25

Assembly Progress

by Eiren


We wanted to make a quick update to let you know how the assembly is going. We’re still didn’t ship despite our hopes in the last update, mainly because new tester turned out a way bigger and challenging project than we anticipate. It’s still not finished, though we think it will be in the next few days. That doesn’t mean we’re not busy, of course! While some in our team are working on the tester, others are continuously working on packing and assembly of accessories, boxes, and such things.

The shipping of the first two batches is really soon, and Crowd Supply wanted us to share with you that they won’t accept any more order changes if you pre-ordered before May 2022, only order cancellations or updating your address. Either way, if you have a question about your order, please contact Crowd Supply support here, not the SlimeVR team!

Also please note, that the shipping date in your order page on Crowd Supply is not the exact date when you will get your trackers. It’s an estimated shipping date, and it’s roughly the same for everyone from the same batch. The actual date when you get it depends on our production, on the speed Crowd Supply process the shipment and on the speed of delivery, so please don’t plan a party until you get your tracking number!

From The Assembly Line

Here’s a short video of one of our team members - Smeltie - assembling the box and packing all accessories for Lower-Body Set. It’s not sped up, they’re that insane!

After packing a box of accessories, it goes into a shipping box temporarily. Here are the boxes of all Lower-Body Set accessories packed and stacked together, 18 sets in one box. We're running out of space...
To streamline the packing process, we bundled 5 straps that go into every set together beforehand (chest, upper legs x2 and lower legs x2)
All of these boxes are full of bundles of straps. 5000 bundles total. DDR arcade machine and a tea cup for scale :)
Some packing process
Sample and a check list just in case to not miss anything!
Full Enhanced Core Set sample packed for weighing to calculate freight to ship everything to Crowd Supply
The tester will be so cool when we make it work... But at the same time, the most haphazard piece of hardware we ever made...
Sometimes you need to use unconventional methods to figure out what's wrong with the device while making sure it doesn't run away.


Oh, while we’re at it, check out the official Dev Kit unboxing and insane tracking quality of SlimeVR by one of our contributors - Erimel. It’s so good, you can instantly understand why we call him "The Calibration Fox"! Yours can be this good too, by the way, and it doesn’t need too much effort with all the improvements we made to the software!

See Ya Soon!

We’re doing our best to get SlimeVR to you as soon as possible, so stay tuned, it’s really the final stretch!

Thank you for your continued support~ <3

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