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May 05, 2023

Project update 16 of 24

Current State of Production

by Eiren

Hi everyone,

SlimeVR team is here with the production update and other news! Let’s start with good stuff: we have all parts that we need to start packing and shipping the batch 1 of SlimeVR! We also have a lot of parts for batch 2, and the rest are on order and will arrive soon. That means we’re on track to ship SlimeVR by the estimates we gave in the the February update. It was not our best hope, but hey, at least some estimates seem to be working out! Let’s dive into the details~

Please Update Your Address!

But before, please check that the address in your order is your current address! You can do this by opening an order in the list of orders in your Crowd Supply account. We’re about to ship some or all orders from Batch 1 and maybe some from Batch 2, so please keep your address updated!

Production State

Here are the parts that we have. First number is how many we have, second is how many needed for the first batch, third - how many needed for the first and the second batches together. We’re now tracking the second batch too! Italic is if stuff is missing for that batch.

What we have right now

Disassembled SlimeVR Boxes awaiting to be put together
Purple main cases
White main cases
Pallets of straps with pallets of cases in the background. We're running out of space in the Cave...
Extension cases are here too!

Currently on order

Assembly state

Assembly Process

The streams are back! Since we’re doing way more actual assembly these days, we brought the streams back, so tune in~

Assembled a few boxes to see how they look and how fast can we do it
The boxes look amazing! We accidentally done too much for this...
Photo of the first print of the box that we took at the factory to check the colors

How Slimes Are Put Together

Here’s how~

All the components to make a Main SlimeVR Tracker
The batteries need a soft pad to keep them in place and nice
We do a bunch of them before going to the next stage
We connect batteries to the main boards and put them in a neat pile
The cases are put in a special assembly jig (we are making way more of them!)
We put the battery and the PCB inside
And screw it in!

That’s it! :) After this we put it in a plastic bag that we got for free with the cases, test that the tracker turns on and blinks properly, and put them in boxes!

New Testing Process

A while ago we shipped DIY Kits ahead of other sets, because we had all the components for them. Because of this, they already got to the hands of backers, and we were able to identify a few issues. Mainly, we found that our testing process was not good enough, we didn’t cover all the systems in the tracker (mainly, related to battery charging), so some of the boards had issues with charging batteries (so far two backers were affected with 4 total boards with issues). All broken trackers were replaced quickly, and thanks to these backers we were able to get the broken ones back, test them and identify all the problems.

Because of that, we’re reworking our testing process by building new and improved PCB testing jig. Sadly, that means we’d have to re-test all already tested PCBs, which were a few thousands when we stopped the testing. Luckily, the new tester is almost done, and will be able to test way faster. With the old one we had to test one board at a time, the new one will be able to test the whole panel, and upload firmware in parallel to 10 boards, as well as skip uploading for the boards that we already tested before and that has firmware on it. So we should be done very quickly with it.

See Ya Soon!

We will keep it short today, stay tuned - the next update will be when the first batch leaves our assembly place!

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