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Mar 09, 2023

Project update 15 of 24

DIY Kits are Shipping!

by Eiren

It’s been only couple weeks since the last update, but we’re back and with amazing news: DIY Kits are shipping!

Contents of a DIY Kit - Full-Body Set (7+3)
A box of 25 DIY Kits

Since we’re still waiting for some components to arrive, namely, cases, straps and boxes, but we already have everything we need to ship DIY Kits, we decided to make this small step and ship them ahead of everything. It’s a drop in the ocean of all the orders, but it’s an important small step for us to iron out all logistics, customs clearance, and just cross the line of "we finally starting the shipment!", which is very exciting after almost two years of delays! Let’s hope that’s just the start of a bunch more deliveries.

Please Check Your Address!

If you ordered a DIY Kit, please check that the address in your order is your current address! You can do this by opening an order in the list of orders in your Crowd Supply account. We’re shipping 25 DIY Kits - all orders placed before February 6, 2023, but even if you ordered later, please check your address, since your order still might get shipped if orders before yours get cancelled.

Production Progress

That’s not all! Since the last update there have been a few updates in production, so let’s get through them too in the production progress round-up.

Production State

Let’s start with the list!

What we have right now

Currently on order

Not ordered yet

Assembly state

The Progress

Since last update a few things have changed:

  1. We received 16000 BNO085 modules from a local PCB Assembly - Hortec Electronics. That's still not all that we need, but 12000 more will be delivered soon too, which will cover all first batch!
16000 BNO085 modules in panels at the manufacturer's facility
  1. We finalized boxes dimensions and insert design. Now our artists is finishing graphical design of the boxes outside, which should be done in around a week, and the boxes can go into production!

  2. We received Extension Case samples! They look really good and work well, so they will be put into mass production soon.

Extension Case samples in clear color
  1. We should be getting purple and white Main Cases in the next few days, so we will be able to start final assembly right away, and prepare Slimes for packing and shipping!
Work in progress assembly jig for SlimeVR final assembly. We're making many more of these to scale the production.

See Ya Soon!

We will keep it short today, but if you love getting lots of updates, we post at least weekly in our Discord server!

See you soon with more shipping news <3 Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

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