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Oct 01, 2021

Project update 6 of 24

Frequently Asked Questions

by Eiren

Throughout the course of our campaign, and long before it began, you’ve been asking us questions. Today we will try to answer as many of them as possible and put those answers here for all to see!


Q: Is SlimeVR compatible with Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus CV1, or any other headset?

Yes! SlimeVR is compatible with any headset that can work with SteamVR – and hopefully more in the future! (Standalone Quest, wink-wink)

Q: Does my PC needs a Wi-Fi connection?

No! Your PC can be connected to your network via Ethernet, as long as your Slimes are connected to the same network via Wi-Fi.

Q: Do I need to have Wi-Fi for SlimeVR?

Yes. You need to have either a Wi-Fi router on your local network or Wi-Fi support on your PC (which might take the form of a Wi-Fi card, an external Wi-Fi dongle, or built-in Wi-Fi support on the motherboard). As long as you can connect your Slimes to some kind of Wi-Fi connection, they will probably work.

Q: My PC is connected to 5 Ghz Wi-Fi. Will SlimeVR work?

Yes! Your PC can be connected to 5 Ghz Wi-Fi while SlimeVR connects at 2.4 Ghz!

Q: I don’t have 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, can SlimeVR run on 5 Ghz Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi 6?

It can’t. But most Wi-Fi routers have a dual-band mode that will allow SlimeVR to connect. If you have a weird router that does not support 2.4 Ghz, you can solve the problem by getting a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi dongle for your PC.

Q: Can SlimeVR work through Bluetooth?

It can’t. SlimeVR is Wi-Fi only.

Q: Can SlimeVR be used with Oculus Quest without a PC?

It can’t. You can read more on our efforts to change this here.

Q: Can SlimeVR be used with ShadowPC?

Yes! A few members of our community already tested ShadowPC with DIY Slimes.

Q: Can SlimeVR track cameras or other objects?

No. SlimeVR can only track the human body. (Other creatures may be added in the future, but they need to wear a VR headset.)

Q: Can Slimes be used with other trackers?

Yes! You can use other trackers to monitor different body parts or replace some SlimeVR trackers with other solutions, like Vive trackers. You can not track the same body part with two different types of trackers (though we might support this at some point in the future; we are working on a lot of things…)

Q: Does SlimeVR conflict with OVR Advanced Settings’ "space drag" or "space turn" in any way?

It doesn’t! It works fine according to testers with DIY SlimeVR sets.


Q: What set of SlimeVR is useful for VRChat?

Any set up to the Enhanced Core Set (5+3) can be used for unmodded VRChat. Each of those sets will add something more to your FBT experience in this application.


Q: What does "1-10 cm" precision means?

SlimeVR doesn’t track your body precisely. It estimates your pose—and it does a pretty good job at it—but there are some poses that SlimeVR can’t track precisely. When your back is bent in weird ways, for example, there are no trackers on your body to measure this bend. In those cases, your avatar’s pose can appear slightly different from your own. This is less of a problem for sets with a chest tracker – the Core Set (5+1) and beyond.

Q: Why doesn’t SlimeVR use Bluetooth?

There are many reasons. Wi-Fi is the easiest to develop for, as there are good microcontrollers and software available. Also, it is backwards compatible with owoTrack. Bluetooth often struggles with many devices, while SlimeVR can run as many trackers as your Wi-Fi network can handle. Bluetooth 4 suffers badly with occlusion by the human body, and there were no good Bluetooth 5 microcontrollers available when the project started. Finally, almost everyone already has Wi-Fi.


Q: Will trackers be available after the campaign ends?

Yes! Stay tuned for updates before the end of the campaign with more info on this.

Q: Will I be able to buy a single tracker or upgrade to a larger set later?

Probably! Stay tuned for updates on sales after the campaign.

Q: When will SlimeVR ship?

We are working on it! SlimeVR production depends on the availability of certain chips. We did our best to secure the chips, and are still waiting for clarification on when and how many chips we will get. Stay tuned. We will post an update when we hear back and let you know if there are any adjustments to the current shipping estimates.

Have Any Other Questions?

Feel free to contact us through Crowd Supply, or join our Discord server, where we and our community will be glad to answer your questions!

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