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Mar 25, 2024

Project update 24 of 25

More Slimes and The Future of VR

by Eiren

Next Shipment of Slimes Is On The Way!

More Slimes have shipped! 1069 more sets of slimes are on the way to Mouser and Crowd Supply right now, and should be shipping to backers in the next couple of weeks! Sadly, we couldn’t fit all the orders from 2022 in this shipment, because we overproduced white sets. As soon as we get parts for the new batch, we will ship a small shipment to cover the rest of 2022. We expect it to happen mid-April.

Shipment "7" is on the way to Mouser right now!

Calibration Guide

Are you just starting with SlimeVR and want to have the best tracking possible? Check out this ZRock35’s calibration guide to achieve the best results:

If you need more help with your new Slimes, the first place to start is our documentation, then you can us in the Support forum of our Discord Server. If you need warranty support or if you have other issues, please fill out the form at our support page.

Motion Capture and VTubing With SlimeVR

Did you know that SlimeVR can be used for motion capture and VTubing? Even without the headset, thanks to the work of our community, SlimeVR can provide some good results! Especially when compared in price with the alternatives. Here’s a video of ZRock35 trying out 20 trackers for VTubing, they’re working on a bigger guide and demo for all motion capture with SlimeVR.

Of course, you don’t need 20 trackers to do most of the things, but there is a reason why we say that the 10+6 set is mostly meant for motion capture: the more tracking points you have, the more precise is the animation you capture!

Making Your SlimeVR Better With Quest 3’s Body Tracking

By combining Quest 3’s Estimated Body Tracking using a new Virtual Desktop’s beta version, it’s possible to improve your SlimeVR tracking by creating an estimated chest or hip tracker from the Quest’s tracking. It can be especially useful for owners of the Lower-Body Set, as adding an additional chest tracker to SlimeVR can improve tracking performance significantly! Check out The Mysticle’s video on his setup:

Next Batch Of Slimes

We’re currently waiting for parts to make the new batch of Slimes. It will include a bunch of updated parts, like new Revision 14 main board that should be more reliable, and new enclosures made of polycarbonate, that should also be way more reliable! We already have the enclosures and many other parts. We are currently waiting for the main boards to finish production and arrive to us. We expect to start the assembly in early April, with first Slimes starting to ship mid-April with the small catch-up of orders from 2022.

That's only half of the new purple cases we'll need for current orders. The rest are still in production!
New Polycarbonate cases are very shiny! And more importantly: way more durable!

The Future of VR is Open Source

We believe that Open Source is the future of VR. Sprung from Open Source projects like owoTrack and April Tags, SlimeVR became as good as it is today thanks to the big and passionate community of contributors and DIY users. Because of our commitment to openness, interoperability and high quality, as well as our enthusiastic community, SlimeVR software can integrate even with proprietary third-party trackers, like Sony’s MoCopi, Refract’s AXIS, and others with community-made tools and bridges (or even official support, like in MoCopi’s case).

In VR, where privacy and freedom are more important than ever, we believe more things should be open! For example, EyeTrackVR - a hardware eye-tracking project that was started in our Discord server and became its own open source product with a lot of potential and recognition even by companies like Bigscreen. And of course, the tools themselves to bring the eye and face tracking into VR world are open source and community-driven, like VRCFT.

A few other projects need to be mentioned too: Monado - a free and open source XR platform that aims to be an alternative to runtimes like SteamVR or OculusVR, ALVR - an open source alternative to tools like Virtual Desktop or AirLink to stream VR games and apps from PC to stand-alone headsets.

We can go on forever - VR is built on Open Source. In the environment with the promise of freedom, it’s our responsibility to keep it free and open for everyone! So if you’re interested, check out the projects mentioned, and try to support free and open tools! Of course you can also Sponsor Us on GitHub with all donations going directly to the contributors fund.

See ya soon! <3

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