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Aug 11, 2023

Project update 19 of 25

Shipping to Backers!

by Eiren

That took longer than expected, after our previous update, but we’re extremely happy to share that two shipments have arrived at Crowd Supply’s warehouse and are currently being sent to backers! If your order is in one of these shipments, you should receive an email with a tracking number soon (if you haven’t already). If your order is not in one these shipments, then we’re still working on it, and it will ship out soon!

What’s Shipping

While Shipment 2 (shipment 1 was DIY Kits sent in March) was on the way through Estonia, Shipment 3 was assembled, prepared, and shipped from our Cave in The Netherlands directly. Both shipments have now arrived, and Mouser is processing them! Shipment 3 contained two more full pallets of Slimes. Here are the totals of all shipments together:

Shipment 3, before it was sent out, and the beginnings of Shipment 4

This is very exciting, and we can’t wait to see your photos and videos! If you have questions or require technical support, the best way to get it is through our Discord server! We have many channels like #diy and #support-forum where a large, knowledgeable community will be happy to help you with your Slimes!

When’s the Rest?

SlimeVR is a big project, and we’re constantly working on improving our production processes and getting more help. But we still have a lot of catching up to do after two years of sales. The next shipment (S4) is almost done and will be sent out soon, S4 will include the rest of the orders placed during the initial campaign (up to October 12th, 2021) and some more on top of that. We hope it will start going out to backers by the end of August.

Our Cave is becoming more efficient so we can make more Slimes without overworking or burning out

New Orders

For pre-orders placed now, our best estimate is that we will ship them before the end of the year. We have quite a lot of orders, and we plan to expand if we need more people to handle them, but it’s always hard to put dates on these things. The best we can say is that, the earlier you order was placed, the sooner you will get your trackers.

Is My Order Shipping Soon?

Crowd Supply’s system that tells backers when their order is estimated to ship doesn’t work well for a project as large and complex as SlimeVR, so it’s hard to say when your exact order will ship. In our Discord server, we made a small bot that can tell you by your order number if we think your order was shipped to Crowd Supply or will be shipped in S4. We’re working to improve predictions for future orders. We’re also working to improve our process and expand our assembly operation, so…a bit more patience for the remaining orders, and then we’ll be there! <3

Join The Community!

Whether you’re getting Slimes now, waiting for them to ship, or still thinking about placing a pre-order, make sure to join our community in Discord. It’s one of the most wholesome communities ever :3

Thank you for your continued support and patience! <3 The road is getting clearer, and we’re getting better at this whole "making Slimes" thing, so your Slimes will be with you soon!

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