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An ESP32-powered smart-agriculture IoT kit with a user-customizable mobile app

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Jan 17, 2023

Project update 13 of 13

Announcing our Upcoming Campaign for Eduponics Mini v2.0!

by Roni G
Eduponics Mini v2 kit

We’re excited to announce a brand new campaign for Eduponics mini v2.0! After over a year of development, we’ve improved upon the original and implemented many suggestions from our dear backers. We are now ready to launch the Eduponics v2.0 platform, which includes our own custom-made water-level sensor, support for 4-pin "Grove" interfaces, and a whole new extension board.

In addition, this year’s STEMinds products are CE and UKCA certified, so we can now ship to Europe and the UK!

You can find our new campaign page right here, and we invite you to subscribe if you’d like to continue supporting our efforts.

More soon!

Team STEMinds

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