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An ESP32-powered smart-agriculture IoT kit with a user-customizable mobile app

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Apr 01, 2021

Project update 5 of 13

Almost There!

by Roni G

It’s been a hell of a journey. In the past week, we’ve been working extra hard to ensure fulfillment time and schedule as planned. The 200 Eduponics mini PCBA arrived at us yesterday and now we are left to test each one of them using a custom QA script we’ve developed in order to ensure the proper functionality of each device.

There are 20 days to go, and one of our wishes is to reach $10k. Please help us reach this dream by sharing with your friends and family and spreading the word about the Eduponics Mini series!

Eduponics app video

We’ve promised a video of the Eduponics Mini app and we can ensure our backers that we are working on it. initially, there was a hard-coded MQTT broker server inside the mobile app that is unchangeable, we are working to modify our app and make sure that anyone can choose any broker they want to use (even your own personal broker), We are working towards releasing the video in the next 48 hours, so please bear with us.

Extension board PCBA

We received all the components for the Eduponics mini extension board and 200 PCBs ready for production, we are sending them tomorrow to our factory for manufacturing and it’s estimated as we said in our previous update that they should be done within the next week.

Extra sensors to join the Eduponics family

As we’ve stated previously, we are dedicated to supporting the Eduponics series after the campaign, and in the future, we are currently developing and trying to make different sensors to be compatible with the Eduponics Family, but for this, we’ll keep it a surprise till the next update :) We will say that the PCBs and components arrived and we will manually assembly a few samples to confirm it’s working before releasing extra news about it, all the hardware schematic and source code will be open-sourced, of course.

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