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Mar 23, 2021

Project update 4 of 13

Dev Board PCBA

by Roni G

Eduponics Mini Dev-board PCBA is proceeding

We’ve sent 200 Eduponics Minis worth of components to our PCBA factory for assembly. We’ve also purchased 200 accessories needed to produce the Eduponics Mini kit (water sensor, power adapter etc. The assembly of the 200 Eduponics Mini PCBs is expected within a week. We will then proceed to test each one of them to make sure they work perfectly.

Eduponics Extension board - Testing completed, ready for production.

We’ve finished testing the extra modifications we added to the extension board. (Initially, we forgot to add LEDs, but we’ve since added them, tested the addition, and all worked perfectly fine. We are now purchasing 200 worth of extension board components for mass production. We expect this will take a week, at which point we’ll proceed to PCBA.

As promised, we’ve published a video on youtube introducing the extension board and its capabilities:

More stable and accurate documentation

We’ve migrated our STEMinds wiki ( to a GitHub repo, which promises more stable and reliable performance. All of the documentation is now open source and can be modified directly; we can also accept pull requests and issues in order to improve the documentation over time.

New MicroPython library

We’ve finished developing our MicroPython-Eduponics library and also made it available in a GitHub repo.

That means you won’t need to copy complex code and libraries or struggle with controling multiple functions. With this new library, we can simply run upip.install("micropython-eduponics") to install the library with all pre-requirements for both Eduponics Mini and the extension board.

In addition, we are developing a Raspberry Pi library in a pure Python3 implementation to support other backers’ needs.

RoHs and CE is on the way

We are currently cooperating with SGS, a major lab testing company, to understand how to procure RoHs and CE marks for our products. The current products we’re looking at are:

  1. Eduponics Mini Kit
  2. Eduponics Mini Dev Board
  3. Eduponics Mini Extension board
  4. Soil moisture sensor (Long)
  5. Soil moisture sensor (Short)

There is nothing we can do about CE certification at this time, but we do hope to serve our EU customers after the campaign ends and once we get all the safety pre-requirements done. We hope anyone, anywhere in the world, can enjoy the Eduponics Mini platform!

More demo videos!

This week we are planning to produce a demo of the Eduponics mobile app, introducing how to set up the software on the ESP32 Dev board and connect it to the mobile app to monitor plants remotely.

We don’t have an exact date yet, but we hope to release it very soon. If you aren’t subscribed to our Youtube channel yet, make sure to subscribe so you’ll get notified as soon as it’s released.

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