The Ark Dev Kit

An offline-first portable computer

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The Ark is a portable computer powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3L. It runs a Debian based operating system and includes the Dat Protocol installed by default allowing users access to peer-to-peer applications including p2p chat, file-sharing, and websites. The Ark Dev Kit is for developers who want to build an ecosystem of hardware and software that puts people > profits.


  • Offline first software including offline wikipedia, p2p messages, websites, and twitter-like social network using the Dat protocol.
  • Only uses open source software.
  • Debian based operating system.
  • Runs on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3L which can be swapped out for new versions allowing the user to upgrade the specs of the device for about $30.
  • 64GB Micro SD Card, 2500 Mah battery, 4.7" capacitive touch screen all of which can be replaced separately allowing the user to upgrade or repair their device.
  • Hackable hardware with datasheets and gerber files available.

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