Pastilda: Open-source hardware password manager

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Pastilda is an open-source hardware, designed to manage the credentials in handy and secure way. It works as a middleman between the computer and the user’s keyboard. It provides easy and safe auto-login to bank accounts, mailboxes, corporate network or social media. Passwords are stored encrypted in the memory of Pastilda. User can request the particular password at any time by pressing a special key combination on the keyboard.


  • Pastilda never reveals master key to the host.
  • Decrypted data stays on board, unreachable for malware.
  • Requires no drivers or client software.
  • Open hardware & software
  • KeePass cross-platform ecosystem
  • Pastilda impersonates a common keyboard, so it works with most systems by default.
  • Summon a control menu to any text field.
  • Applicable for command line interfaces.

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