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Dec 16 2013

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A self­-righting phone stand and app that work together to turn your iPhone into a wobble-­to­-snooze alarm clock.

Do you have a hard time finding the snooze button on your smartphone’s alarm clock? We have a solution for that…

Introducing wobL, a one-of-a-kind phone stand and app that work together to turn your smartphone into a wobble-to-snooze alarm clock.

Born from our frustration with trying to activate the snooze feature on smartphones, we created wobL to allow you to activate your alarm snooze with a simple tap to your phone or stand. With wobL, you’ll no longer knock your phone off the bedside table or accidentally turn your alarm off looking for an old fashioned snooze button.

The Stand

The wobL stand was designed specifically to let you get the most out of the wobL alarm clock app. The wobL stand has a flexible rubberized design that securely holds all iPhones and iPod Touch products ­with or without cases ­ at an optimal bedside viewing angle. Its curved bottom and stainless steel counter­weight ensures it stays safely on the bedside table during use, while the integrated cord clip keeps power for your iPhone right where you need it ­ at an arm’s reach.

Out of respect for our environment, Third Prime Studio has made a concerted effort to source production of the wobL stand from within the USA, out of recyclable material.

The stand is compatible with:

The App

The wobL alarm clock app was designed specifically to let you get the most out of the wobL stand. wobL features a clean, simple user interface in order to ensure an effortless alarm clock experience. Large digits utilize the entire display to make sure you always know the time. Adjust the screen brightness to your preference and choose from five cheery songs to help you start your day. 30 minutes prior to wake­up, the sun starts to rise in the background ­- a visual cue for groggy eyes. A simple tap of the phone or stand will “set” the sun back down and snooze the alarm. The sun will re­-rise over the next 10 minutes and the alarm will repeat. Snooze as many times as you want ­- no one is keeping count. When it’s time to wake­-up, a simple swipe­-up and press­hold of the sun will disable the alarm. Unlike other alarm clock apps, wobL’s two­-stage alarm termination process ensures you won’t accidentally turn off your alarm when you just want to snooze.

Currently, the wobL iOS7 app is available for free download at the iTunes store.

The app is compatible with:

Product Specifications

Manufacturing Plan

Using, we have been able to prototype wobL extensively with the latest and greatest 3D printing materials available. We have been able to test and re-test slight variations in wobL’s complex geometry - resulting in a design that is now ready for mass production.

wobL will be made in the U.S.A. By choosing to manufacture in the U.S., we’ve eliminated the majority of the embedded carbon emissions that would have otherwise been associated with producing wobL in popular manufacturing regions, such as China. We have successfully sourced suppliers for both the body and the counter­weight of wobL. The body of wobL will be injection molded using Santoprene, a durable yet recyclable material. A solid 6oz bar of corrosion-­resistant stainless steel will be machine press­-fit together with the body of wobL to avoid any use of adhesives.

Risks & Challenges

We have completed the prototype and proof of concept phases for all of the wobL stand components. The molded­-in logo detail of the stand will need further analysis as to whether or not it can be molded within the tooling quote currently provided. We are prepared to eliminate the wobL logo detail on the front face of the wobL stand if it proves to be cost prohibitive to include. We have detailed quotes and fulfillment lead time estimates from all suppliers for order quantities of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 units. If the designs change during the final design phase, the production costs will also change. However, the proof of concept phase has shown that final design changes will be minor. Due to the molding process most likely to be used, some manufacturing artifacts may be visible in the final production parts that are not currently visible in the prototypes made to this point. Because of the 60­-day length of this campaign, certain parameters out of our control could change, including:

We are prepared to make wobL’s counter­weight from a less expensive grade of steel if the cost increases to a prohibitive level before production begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What phones work with wobL?

wobL’s unique flexible shape currently provides a tight fit for all iPhones and iPod Touch products - with or without cases. Once the Android version of the app is complete, we will release a list of the most popular compatible smartphones. Our goal is to make the base as universal as possible.

Will wobl work if I have a case or bumper on my iPhone?

Yes. wobL is made out of a flexible plastic that stretches to adjust its grip to securely hold your iPhone - with or without a case.

Where will you manufacture and ship from?

We are proud to say the wobL is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. wobL will primarily be manufactured and assembled in Washington state. We ship from Portland, Oregon.

What materials is wobL made of?

The rubberized pastic part of wobL is made from Santoprene. The counter­weight core of wobL is made from stainless steel.

Can I charge my phone while it is being held by wobL?

Yes. You can plug­in your phone to charge while in the wobL base. wobL includes a cord clip on the backside that securely holds your charging cord out of the way as well as making sure it won’t fall from your bedside table.. The clip also acts as a safety stop to help prevent wobL from rocking too far backwards.

Is my phone safe from falling over?

Yes. wobL’s shape is designed to prevent tipping. The stainless steel counter­weight and the cord clip provide additional safeguards that make wobL extremely difficult to knock over. Rest assured that you will not tip your phone over in a sleepy morning haze.

What other uses is wobL good for?

wobL is so much more than just an alarm clock. It can be used anywhere as a phone stand to safely hold your phone in landscape format while it charges. Great for watching videos! In addition, its small size makes it a perfect travel companion.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes. An international shipping fee will be added to your final purchase price.

Will wobL be available for sale after the Crowd Supply campaign?

Yes, wobL will be available for sale on the Crowd Supply website after the campaign is over.

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