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Open source, centimeter level GPS accuracy in a modular system of boards with powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

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TinkerRTK is a flexible system for adding centimeter level RTK GPS precision to your project. TinkerRTK consists of a base board (TinkerNav), radios (TinkerSend Lora and TinkerSend Mobile), a USB/solar charging board for using a battery (TinkerCharge), and a TFT SPI Touch Screen and board.

TinkerRTK provides a robust base board with two sets of headers that allow you to add the best options for your project. Whether you are in a remote location with no Wi-Fi and need a cellular modem, you want to operate your own base station but need to connect long distances with LoRa radios, or you just need to use the built in Wi-Fi radio to connect to a network, TinkerRTK has you covered. Additional options for using a lithium-ion battery and a display are available.

The Power of RTK GPS in your Projects

The TinkerRTK system incorporates 1 centimeter level accuracy into your next project using Real Time Kinetic (RTK) GPS for less than ever before. Advances in GPS receivers, RTK algorithms, and micro-processors allows us to offer light weight and fully open source solutions that are easily incorporated into your projects or run as standalone devices on a reasonable budget.

Real Time Kinetic (RTK) GPS solutions provide positioning outdoors with centimeter level accuracy for your rover. Rovers can be drones, lawn mowers, or any number of different vehicles that need highly accurate outdoor position. Use publicly available correction data, free or paid, with a single RTKNav board, or publish your own correction data with a base station using a second board. One base station can serve any number of rovers through a variety of radios. The TinkerNav RTK board includes a Wi-Fi/BlueTooth radio (via ESP32-C3) and is compatible with our TinkerSend long range radio (LoRa) and mobile (3G/4G) radios.

Features & Specifications

TinkerRTK is a modular set of products, plus a case with screen, battery, and antennas for a complete, portable system.


TinkerNav boards uses a SkyTraq receiver to achieve centimeter level position accuracy. The SkyTraq receivers calculate RTK solutions on board without requiring processing on the host processor. The TinkerNav baseboard is also small and compact, weighing only 10 grams and measuring 25 X 70 mm.

TinkerSend LoRa

TinkerSend LoRa enables sending and receiving correction data directly between a base station and a rover over much longer distances than are supported by Wi-Fi alone. TinkerSend LoRa plugs directly into the two 10-pin headers on the TinkerNav baseboard, or can be used on a bread board.

TinkerSend Mobile

TinkerSend Mobile is a 4G mobile solution for downloading RTCM correction data from the internet (free or paid options are available depending on your area) wherever mobile phone signals are available and without the need for running your own base station. TinkerSend Mobile plugs directly into the two 10 pin headers on the TinkerNav baseboard, or can be used on a bread board.


TinkerCharge allows your RTK project to run on a lithium-ion battery. A BQ24074RGTT charger safely charges lithium-ion batteries from either a USB plugged into TinkerNav or a 5 V solar panel plugged into TinkerCharge. Charge rates up to 1.3 A are permitted from either source. USB, battery, and solar power sources can be switched seamlessly without resetting GNSS or micro-processors on TinkerNav. A MAX17055ETB+T battery fuel gauge provides information on battery state of charge (percent full), voltage levels, current usage, and battery aging among other parameters that can be used by the host processors. Solar panel and battery use JST 2.54 mm connectors.

TFT Touchscreen and Board

The TFT screen and board adds a local display to your TinkerRTK and is a convenient way to create a portable RTK system with a bright display and intuitive touch screen interface. The 3.2 LCD touch screen is attached to a PCB board that includes a transistor for switching off the backlight, passive components, and a 14-pin flat ribbon connector that connects via a cable (included) to the TinkerNav SPI Display port. The board fits into the TinkerRTK case and attaches with four included screws.

Documentation and Open Source Repo

We will provide explainers for RTK, product descriptions, getting started guides, source code, and hardware schematics. Our website and Github repo are currently partially built out and will become more complete throughout this campaign.

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In the Press

Geeky Gadgets

"In the realm of GPS technology, precision is paramount. The TinkerRTK, an open-source GPS modular system, is a game-changer in this field, offering centimeter-level RTK GPS precision."


"RTK systems provide centimeter-accurate outdoor positioning for vehicles such as drones or lawn mowers and can use free or paid public correction data with a single RTKNav board, or publish proprietary data with a base station using a second plate. "

Hackster News

"RTK applies corrections to GNSS data from an external source. This method offers up to one-centimeter accuracy, which is significantly more accurate than the typical couple of meters achieved with GPS alone."

About the Team

Tinkerbug Robotics

Moorestown, NJ, USA  ·   Tinkerbug-Robotics  ·   tinkerbugrobotics.com

We are a small business dedicated to bringing open source robotics solutions. Advances in microcontrollers and single board computers have made robotics accessible to more people. Our goal is to design low cost open source products to support robotics enthusiasts.

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